Spring on the Edge


The depths of winter may seem a strange time to publish a new poster showing Alderley Edge bathed in Spring sunshine. But perhaps this is the time when we most need reminding that Spring is just round the corner.

There may be no leaves on the trees right now and the weather may be damp and cold. But it won’t be long till the days draw out, till we’re putting the clocks forward and new-born lambs are once again out in the fields below the Edge.

This new poster is inspired by the iPad ‘paintings’ of David Hockney. It was created freehand on an iPad at the location which is shown in the picture. It’s one of our favourite spots – the view as you approach the Edge from the footpath off the Mottram Road, near its junction with Hough Lane.

It’s not a well-known part of the Edge, but very beautiful, especially during lambing season.