About Our Posters

Please don’t confuse Great Brunel Railway Company travel posters with mass produced posters, printed in large numbers using cheap inks and lightweight paper. Such conventionally produced prints look dull and lifeless in comparison with ours and they will deteriorate quickly in sunlight.

Our posters are very different. They are produced using the giclée process. The term giclée is derived from the French word meaning to spray or squirt.  Most high volume printing process use just four inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) laid on to paper or canvas in dots. Instead giclée uses 8-12 inks sprayed onto the print surface, faithfully reproducing the nuances of the original artwork and giving the print a continuous tone – without the ‘dots’ or ‘texture’ left by other methods. The process also allows for individual prints to be made in small numbers, each to the same consistent high quality.

Our giclée printing process combines long-life pigment inks, the widest possible color range and heavy weight archival quality paper (over 300gsm) to create prints which will retain their color and integrity over many years. Normal inks and materials will fade, discolor and lose their structure over time. You may have seen such prints on hotel room walls – the reds washed out and faded to blue. The Great Brunel Railway Company’s prints will retain their original colours in even the brightest sunlight.

Limited Editions

We choose to produce our posters in short runs to preserve their exclusivity. We want you to have an artwork that you will treasure and that you won’t see elsewhere. Our short runs of no more than 150 copies ensure that.

Each print is numbered and individually embossed by hand – using a traditional Bolsons iron embossing press. Once that has been done each print’s authenticity is individually certified by the artist.

And as our prints are only available through us, you won’t find them anywhere else.


Original artwork from up and coming artists
We encourage students and recent graduates to submit new original artwork to create our limited edition posters. That means that the poster you buy is helping to create a new generation of graphic artists and illustrators.