Sex sells


Poster artists of the 1920s and 30s often included beautiful young women in swimsuits to promote the places they were selling. These are very modest images by today’s standards – long before bikinis, public images of nudity or online porn….

This poster by Septimus E Scott for the London Midland & Scottish Railway dates back to 1923 and features a girl perched precariously on a high diving board, giving an added frisson of danger. Her gaze, thrown seductively over her left shoulder, seems to be inviting the viewer to join her. Though maybe not if they suffer from vertigo judging by the height of that diving board.

For the sake of balance we did look to see if we could find an equivalent image of a young man in a swimsuit. No luck so far….

© The Great Brunel Railway Company 2018

Poster image courtesy of National Railway Museum / Science & Society Picture Library