New Poster: Warsaw


PrintKamila Kasperowicz is a Polish artist and graphic designer now living and working in the UK. A graduate of the University of Silesia, she is currently studying for her PhD in Graphic Design and it’s understandable that she should think of travel destinations in her home country for  her first travel posters.

Warsaw needs no introduction, of course: it’s the capital of Poland and its largest city. Now a major tourist destination, it is hard to believe that it suffered so much damage during the Second World War that fewer than a quarter of its buildings were left standing in 1945.

In fact Warsaw has survived so many wars throughout its history that it is sometimes called the “Phoenix” city, constantly re-emerging from its own ashes. Kamila Kasperowicz has captured something of the city’s fragmented history in this poster, and she also celebrates the city’s landmarks and palaces near its centre.

The poster is now available as a Limited edition of 250, individually numbered and signed by the artist.