Catching the moment

Festival Hall Poster_1

Festival-HallSometimes a poster can catch the mood of a place at a point of transition, for example when a popular and long-standing building is about to be demolished.

The Festival Hall in Alderley Edge, Cheshire isĀ  a case in point. Built to provide a venue for the village’s annual Music Festival, its striking Art Deco facade has graced the area for almost 100 years. Still heavily used but now a little run-down, the front of the building is about to be knocked down to make way for a state-of-the-art new Medical Centre, which the community desperately needs.

The building’s future has been secured and it will continue to provide a home for local organisations from bowling clubs through dog training classes to brass band concerts. But there will be many who will regret the passing of the old building’s facade.

This poster – which uses the colour theme of Obama’s HOPE campaign poster created by Sheppard Fairey – represents the passing of the old and the welcoming in of the new. A touch of nostalgia perhaps but one which catches the moment.